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Ways to Make a Difference

Tue, 30 July 2019

Plastic-free July has made us think about the choices we can make to limit our impact on the planet so we wanted to take the opportunity to talk about some cool things in our Rockies world.

One of the brands we love that stand for the environment is Crywolf who produce eco-puffer jackets filled with recycled water bottles.  Such a great story and they have been very popular this year.  We will have more coming in soon to have you sorted for the sometimes cooler Spring months.

We have sold XTM one of our favourite snow brands for many years and are proud to say they have been carbon neutral since 2010.  Read about some of their fantastic practises here

Organic cottons are a sustainable choice too and Wilson + Frenchy, Nature Baby, Band of Boys, Dimples and even Havianas are fantastic champions of providing this sustainable choice.  The other natural fibre which also stands for the environment is anything 100% wool from the likes of so many of our brands like Acorn and the wool sneakers from Emu.

Bobo & Boo are our stockists of bamboo tableware and it is all completely biodegradable.

If you’re thinking about carbon footprint buy local and NZ made with the likes of Dimples which is 100% made and designed in New Zealand.

Other ways to take the environmental heat out of your fashion habit (this goes for all of us, not just the kids!):

  • Commit to wearing every piece at least 40 times. If we doubled the amount of times we kept clothes for, we would cut our fashion emissions by 44%. We think it’s important to make investments in key pieces so passing ski gear down to multiple siblings in a family is what we’re about
  • Get smart about fibres. Cheap cotton and synthetics come with huge environmental footprints
  • Buy products certified as organic to be free of the pesticide burden and plan to keep them for years and hand down once you’re finished with them
  • Natural fibres can be composted if they are worn out and can’t be up-cycled!

Other sensible and simple decisions you can make in your household is to purchase a keep cup for takeaway coffees, composting and getting behind the growing bulk bin movement (taking refillable containers when you need to top up your pantry supplies).  It’s incredible how sweeping the removal of plastic bags from the retail space has been and there’s so much more to follow.

We’re certainly not perfect as a business but if we all make a bit of an effort we can help what is a growing concern not just for us but our children’s future.

Love from all at Rockies x

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