8 things to avoid on the mountain this season

Thu, 25 June 2020

Skiing with children is a journey in both frustration and joy. If all goes well, you will all be high fiving on piste with glee! However, it can be a tough road to get to that point but with the right mix of preparation and patience you will all be enjoying this family pastime together in no time. The most important thing is to have FUN from throwing snowballs to snow angels and rolling in the snow. It is also great to experience snow with little friends and cousins around too!

Here are our list of things to avoid to ensure family fun on the mountain:

The cold

Nothing turns a family around quicker than a cold kid! When it comes to mountain fun layering in gear which has technical ratings is key.  Start with a base layer with a merino component and moisture-wicking properties (keeping them dry if they start to sweat).  Depending on the conditions a mid-layer may be required and then it is absolutely essential to dress them in highly breathable/waterproof outerwear.  At Rockies our snow gear passes all of our stringent testing to ensure your kids will be warm and dry. Another key point is not to put children off by going up in foul weather. 

Be prepared

A few weeks before you are due to go, make a list of what you will need and do some shopping for gear and food. Make a checklist and then double check it before leaving home. It is annoying (and expensive) to get up the mountain without everyone's gloves! 

Losing your kids

By wearing bright colours! It is a simple one to execute but bright colours and/or reflective materials on the mountain really stick out and have safety benefits too.  Spyder, Burton, Roxy  and Quiksilver run so many great bright options.  You have to check out our Spyder beanies too – brilliant bolds!

Danger zones

Good footwear to negotiate the carpark at the beginning and end of the day is key which is what our range of snow boots is perfect for. When it comes to sledding take them to a well-used sledding hill and make sure the area is open and free of cars, trees, posts, and rocks. Pick an off-peak time when child missiles are not zooming everywhere and go only when it is light outside.

Ill-fitted gear

A proper fit decreases injury risk. Footwear that is too small can be overly constricting, while over-sized equipment can leave them wobbly and prone to falls, as well as let snow sneak in, speeding heat loss. Have your child's winter sports gear checked by a professional at the beginning of the season. And make sure goggles fit and hoods are not over-sized, both of which can obscure vision. Bindings on the setting (the din setting) and skis the right length are other things to look out for. We also cannot stress how important the correct-sized helmet is - the helmet purchase is not  a time to consider a "they'll grow into it" mentality. 


We love a bluebird day but snow reflects 80% of UV rays so lather on water-resistant sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, covering all exposed areas.

Hungry and thirsty kids

To combat this make sure you take regular stops and take snacks in your pocket and check in often on their hunger levels.  Remember that skiing is high intensity exercise for kids so their nutritional needs will be high! A cost-savvy lunch option is taking frankfurters from home in a thermos and then constructing a DIY hotdog on the mountain! 

Teaching your kids to ski

We know you fancy yourself as a bit of a pro skier but we truly believe that investing in a lesson is money well spent if you want a child to progress. Or let another adult coax them onto the magic carpet (have a spare and willing grandparent?) and then you can pick up the pieces after the first epic chairlift dismount!

Coronet Peak, Cardrona and Treble Cone open this weekend with The Remarkables opening the following weekend in time for the school holidays and we cannot wait.

Our team of snow and ski experts in store are available to fit a range of ski and snow gear essentials from snow boots, ski jackets, ski pants, goggles, helmets, to mittens, gloves, ski socks and more for your babies up to your 16 year olds. We're here to ensure you all achieve family fun on the mountain this season and beyond. 

Please share all of your snow images to our Rockies Facebook and Instagram pages and be sure to come visit in store if you live locally or when you are next in town!

Have the best 2020 season. Love from all at Rockies x 

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