Fountain Of Peace

Wed, 22 April 2015

Fountain of Peace is a child focused, community based project initiated by Peace Ruharuza. The vision of Fountain of Peace Children's Foundation is to provide centres of hope and transformation for orphaned and abandoned children. Based in rural Uganda, the difference this charity makes is astonishing; the impact the donations and volunteers have on the lives of these children is exceptional and enables the charity to continue to rescue more children from the immeasurable suffering and unimaginable conditions they were born in to. Now each child has hope for the future.

There are many projects within Fountain of Peace. In conjunction with Baby First ltd, Rockies owner, Shirley Popenhagen is donating to the baby home for orphaned and abandoned babies. 15 little ones now live in the home, safe and cared for. Shirley has contributed cloth nappies and cotton cot sheets to aid the charity in giving the babies a loving home environment they wouldn't have received.

"People around the world have a deep yearning to help children break the cycle of poverty but often think their involvement will make no difference. We can assure it does and you will"

Want to help?

Visit Fountain Of Peace here


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