How to DAD

Thu, 27 October 2016

A Kiwi dad has taken social media by storm with ‘helpful’ and hilarious videos of how to be a Kiwi dad, and they do not disappoint! Jordan Watson has become a sensation with videos such as: how to travel with a baby, how to get a dad bod and how to wash a baby in the sink.

How to hold a baby – where it all started, shows dads 17 child-holding options including the baby Jesus and box of beers, it has amassed over 2.6m views. Watson’s videos are motivated by real life dad events or struggles; his ‘How to get a baby to sleep’ is unsurprisingly, one of his most popular videos, giving useful hints from the shush train to the big awkward dad giant baby sleepover, combatting the most common struggle for new parents.

“Every parent can kind of relate, and there’s so many people out there who’re aunties, uncles, they look after people’s kids…It’s just everyday scenarios with kids which has given me the inspiration for it”

We all know too well how difficult it is with a new born baby, learning to adapt, picking up the tricks to make bath time easier and avoiding tantrums. Watson seems to have it down and has even release a book to help.  If you haven’t seen his vlogs, check him out!

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