How to teach your kids how to ski

Tue, 12 July 2016

If sending the kids off with an instructor is not for you, or you’re looking to save money this year; then teaching your kids is the way to go! The three main things you will need: Experience skiing, time and a whole lot of patience!


Here are a few simple tips to get you started:


Before you even get out on the snow, practice balance. Walk around in ski boots (it’s harder than you think), and then graduate to walking around with the skis on. Practice falling down and learning to get up before you start.


Before you hit the snow, teach your kids how to get up. Your back will thank you!

- Have your kids sit on the back of their skis and grab their knees. Pull Up.

- Sit down on the uphill side of your skis. Push your hands on the ground in front of your boots and push.

Remind your kids that you always want to get up with your skis pointing across the hill (not up or down).


Your goal when skiing with kids is to teach them to balance. Balancing independently is an important skill to learn when going down the mountain. Although it is tempting to hold onto your kids as they are skiing, independent balance is critical to skiing, so the earlier that you practice this, the better. To do this, start on a very gentle slope so that your child can get comfortable with gliding.


The first thing that you need to teach, once your child starts moving is how to stop! A wedge (also called a snowplough) is the best way to do this. Tips together and backs apart. Before you head out on the slop practice moving skis in and out of a wedge so that your child can understand the motions before they start moving. If you are comfortable, this would be a good time to ski backwards so that you can make sure that they are doing it correctly. Just try and avoid the trap of allowing them to stop by skiing into your arms!

Once your child can start and stop, work on movement. Turning is essential, and no matter how good your child is at stopping, they need to know how to manoeuvre. Make large S turns down the hill and have your child try to stay in your tracks. Start with very large turns and work your way down to smaller ones. A simple way to teach turning is by playing follow the leader.


The best time to teach kids is when they feel warm and comfortable, ensure they have snow wear with a high waterproof and breathability rating, layering accessories including thermals, socks,gloves or mittens. Being comfortable in the snow will allow for a lot more patience!

Safety is probably most important, falls and collisions are relatively common so your kid must be prepared for this!


As in the case with many sports, a helmet is the most important piece of equipment when it comes to preventing injuries. Kids should ALWAYS wear one while on the mountain.


The suns rays are considerably strong at high altitudes than they are at sea level, and when they bounce off the white snow, they can be a serious threat to the eyes.

Luckily, Rockies have everything to keep them comfortable, warm and safe while hitting the mountains. Shop snow here.

Enjoy the snow!

Rockies x

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