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Wed, 28 October 2020

In time for Christmas we have just restocked our range of Penny Scallan lunchboxes including bento boxes in two sizes, lunch boxes and cooler bags.

Lunchboxes do not have to be the chore that they once were! I used to dread them but thanks to the advent of the fabulous bento box I love putting together lunches and snacks on the go.

Our Penny Scallan bento boxes come in two sizes and the feedback we have had is that they are great for fussy eaters as there is no spill through of liquids to other compartments. Other brilliant features include:

  • Five handy compartments (three in the mini) plus space for yogurt/dip/sauce
  • Leak-proof silicone seal inside lid
  • Great for school lunches, work lunches, picnics, camping and roadtrips
  • Inner tray and outer box are dishwasher safe Free from BPA and Phthalates
  • Approx 228mm x 185mm x 50mm, Approx 1.08L volume, Weight Approx 700gm

Their lunch boxes are thermal lined and come with two compartments, plus they easily slot into the Penny Scallan backpacks. And the cooler bag exist simply to slot your bento box into so it stays nice and cool especially across the summer months!

So you have decided to purchase one of the Penny Scallan options but stumped by what to put in them? We have leaned on the intel of Jana from the MacPherson diaries to give some ideas and inspiration:

FRUIT - you guys know what your kids like but Jana's staples are: apple – sometimes spread with peanut butter, banana, mango cheeks, orange, pineapple, watermelon, kiwifruit & berries. Fruit salad and add passionfruit pulp, and fruit kebabs are also winners

CARBS - sandwiches, Farrah’s wraps, mini bacon and egg pies, pastries, pasta, rice, crackers, pizza, sushi, rice balls, croissants, filled buns/sliders, potato salad, fruit bread or fruit loaf (Ie. banana bread) bagels, toasted sandwiches, crunchy bread sticks

TREAT - fruit leather, dried fruit, muffin, scone, rice bubble slice, popcorn, bliss balls, banana cake, sausage rolls, pikelets

EXTRA - nuts, hummus, smoothie, ice blocks (just for the car journey!)

VEGES - carrot sticks, roast veg, cucumber, steamed broccoli, edamame, sweetcorn, snowpeas, cherry tomatoes, mini kebabs of a selection of these is quite appealing

PROTEIN - cheese, egg, ham, chicken, sausage, roast meat, salmon, tuna. These things she suggests either alone or as sandwich/wrap fillers. Or ham with pasta, chicken with sushi rice for instance.

We love her other handy tips to always pack veges even if they don’t get eaten as it’s teaching them that they are a crucial part of every meal. Also to freeze half when you bake so your kids don't have a chance to get sick of anything!

Click here to go through to the MacPherson Diaries website and read the full article.

The five great designs on the bento boxes is what sets the Penny Scallan boxes apart from others.  Kids love them from dinosaurs to lions, birds and rainbows.  Something for all tastes and obsessions!

Kuwi’s Kitchen Cookbook is another great gift idea containing heaps of creative ways to get kids into making their own lunchboxes and meals. It comes with a free kiwi-shaped cookie cutter (which can be used for a myriad of other things than just cookies!).

Rockies has a fantastic selection of Christmas Gift options for kids of all ages. Shop our Christmas Gift Guides online now. 

Love from all at Rockies x

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