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Save Time in the Laundry

Mon, 14 October 2019

We took it to our Instagram and Facebook worlds recently and had so many great ideas we thought we'd put them in a blog post. 

So what are the washing hacks that our community shared? Tips to save on time? We know that our kids learn through messy play and we want them to be explorers but as busy Mums and Dads we need all the help we can get because extra time in the laundry is not where we want to be. Plus we want to prolong the life of their awesome Rockies gears.

So here goes and let us know in the comments below if you have anymore:

  1. Boiling stained clothes on the stovetop with detergent
  2. Product faves include Live Simply, Sard Wonder spray, Sunlight Soap, Norwex, Napisan
  3. Never leave wet clothes of different colours on top of each other
  4. Use a delicate detergent to prolong the life of kids clothes
  5. Never soak your precious merino overvight in Napisan or any oxidising agents - it will leave your garments with holes throughout
  6. Drying stained clothes in direct sunlight zaps stubborn stains 

We hope these have been helpful!

Love the Rockies team x

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