Tips for Choosing Kids Ski Gear

Thu, 28 May 2020

We are so pumped for the 2020 ski season.  Nothing gets us more excited so when all our local ski fields announced they were opening our frosty hearts sang!

Just in case you missed it the ski fields opening dates are; Coronet Peak and Cardrona on 26th June, Treble Cone on 27th June and The Remarkables on 4th July so everyone will be back in action in time for Term 2 holidays. 

We have an incredible range of kids ski gear from Burton, Quiksilver, Roxy, Surfanic, Spyder, Protest and more for newborns right up to 16 years.  Remember we are here to make all your winter adventures magical so even if you’re not shredding up Coronet we’d love to help keep your kids warm and dry.

Today we ask Rockies owner, Shirley, about all the tips and tricks of choosing the right ski gear.  There is so much detail in the technical specifications and she’ll help demystify them!

How do I interpret the waterproof/breathable ratings? Breathability is so important because it is what keeps the moisture out and is particularly crucial on hotter days so you can get rid of moisture. The higher the breathable rating the better and most of our snow gear is at 10K which is line with adult ranges. Waterproofness speaks for itself (and it's needed!) and all of our gear is at 8K rating or above. At the end of the day, an 8K/8K rated jacket is perfect to outfit both you and your child on the slopes. It’s made to withstand a moderate amount of rain or snow while keeping you dry and warm. 

Half the time I forget to put my powder skirt on so how important is it for my child? Very important for when a is child learning or if there is tonnes of powder. There is the view that if there is no powder skirt then the jacket is not technical enough for skiing.

What is your view on bibs (or overalls)? They are critical for the under 7s as there is no way of holding them up otherwise.  When you are on the ski field the bib provides so much more warmth. 

Talk to us about the I-grow feature? I firmly believe if you buy correctly, and once a child hits 4 years, every child should get two seasons out of ski gear because of the i-grow feature!  For those of you who don’t know the i-grow or room-to-grow feature is a let-down seam in the jackets and pants of most of our key snow brands meaning their life is extended for more than one season. 

Helmets? Not just important, a necessity.  Anon and Smith are the two brands we stock and Smith have released a dual purpose product which can be used as a bike helmet too! A really good way to save money.

Is my 3 year old ready for gloves? Parents seem to think they are babies if they have mittens on. Mittens are simply warmer and easier.  3-4 year olds have to be in mittens and in my opinion you should not consider gloves until 6 years!

What are snow boots good for? Snow boots have better soles for walking on firm snow and ice. Plus they are so much warmer and waterproof than rainboots or any other footwear.  

I have some really thick cotton socks for my child – will they do the trick? You must have a merino wool component in your snow socks for warmth and breathability! We don’t stock snow socks without merino.  You don’t want them to be too thick and remember thickness doesn’t mean warmth.

Any other hot tips? Bright colours on the mountain are key so you can spot them in the crowds.

Rockies has the most comprehensive range of kids ski gear in the country.  We stock the best snow brands and products for girls and boys including snow boots, helmets, goggles, socks and more. Come see us for expert fitting and advice! 

Love from all at Rockies x

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