What to look for in a snow jacket!

Fri, 29 May 2015

Gone are the days of the humdrum snow getup; we welcome the striking and eye-catching outfits with open arms and appreciation. Now, the startling pink on the mountains is more of a giveaway to the whereabouts of your child than any GPS. Judging by our wonderful snow range here at Rockies, it’s safe to say fashion goes hand in hand with practicality in our snow gear.

It’s tempting to keep them looking cute in that mini-me dovetail coat or awesome denim jacket that you wish your parents had the sense to dress you in, rather than the hand-me-downs from your sister, but they won’t keep your family warm through the winter. So Rockies have compiled a list of things to look for in a snow jacket, the must haves and the points that will save money, tantrums and tears…

  • Waterproof & Breathability rating. 
    • This is usually what parents in the know ask first about a jacket and typically our opening line while advising. Younger children often don’t need a high rating attributable to the length of time they spend on the snow and conditions. Our jackets for up to 7 normally have a rating of 5k, leading in to 10k for the 8years+, who will ski in colder conditions and for longer so will need a higher rating to keep dry.
  • Room to grow. 
    • This isn’t a necessity but some parents do look for this and rightly so, it won’t become beneficial until the next winter but this addition will allow the jacket to last longer, as your little one grows, the jacket can also lengthen in the sleeves to continue to fit for another winter season. This system also comes in a lot of the pants, so it is definitely something to look out for in the smaller kids!
  • Powder Skirt 
    • The use of a powder skirt comes down to preference for us adults but it does have its benefits and for children we would recommend it. Kids are still learning to ski so chances are they’re going to spend a lot of time on their butts, the skirt will prevent snow getting in up through the coat and will keep them a little warmer. Also, a point which is often missed is that when the skirt is fastened higher on the torso it will relieve some of the jacket’s weight from the shoulders – allowing for a better hang and better movement, probably more important in the teens.
  • Pass Pocket 
    • Initially snow jackets had the lift pass pocket lower down, but some children just couldn’t quite reach the scanners; with this in mind, pass pockets are now normally located on the lower arm and is something the teens are requesting more in a jacket.
  • Aesthetics
  • It always comes down to the look of the jacket for most people and usually the kid will have a say in the jacket and this is important. To buy something your child is reluctant to wear is a risk of wasted money and time. Now, snow jackets are exciting and fashionable so that your kids will be happy to wear it, making the whole snow experience fuss free and enjoyable.

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