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Fri, 2 October 2015

What’s new?

The summer gear has been arriving in force here at Rockies, the crew is working hard to make it available for you online and in store! We’re seeing a huge variety of brands, styles and colours coming through for the summer season, we’re not surprised you don’t know where to start. So let us introduce our Rockies summer guide to Rockies fashion...At Rockies.

The newest range to grace our website is Huxbaby, its minimalist prints and monochrome colouring suits those who want unisex clothing or just a rad grunge look. The gold foil throughout is playfully subtle and the pretzels, being an interesting print, manage to change that drop back dress in to a fun party piece. The introduction of sizes 3 to 5 years is a welcomed addition to this already mighty brand. It certainly just keeps getting better and better.

We’re taking the grunge gear down a few notches with the bold and beautiful French labels. Catimini, Jean Bourget and 3pommes never disappoint with their intricate designs and cuteness level. The Jean Bourget Little Couture dress is the epitome of beauty with its dainty ruffles and class the French labels offer us every season. Animal print is pretty prominent in the boys, with a growling tigers embrace in the Catimini graphic set and lion cardigan with mask and ears. French fashion is always a strong contender, even for us Kiwis.

Drifting away from clothes and working our way up to headwear, summer is not summer without striking accessories and sandals to compliment your look. So we introduce to you, the Acorn summer range! Bucket hats are the significant runner when choosing a hat, it covers the head, ears and looks outrageously cute! Their prints are effortlessly chic while being basic enough to be a timeless wardrobe staple, which helps when their sizing is so versatile; their nifty adjusters mean we have a 3-10 year’s hat. That’s right! It’s an investment…

We can’t seem to go a few hours without shouting about our new LEGO alarm clocks and watches, so here goes!

From Marvel characters to Star Wars, from Wonder Woman to Yoda, what better way to wake up on a summer morning?

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